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Congratulations on being a 2016 Licensed Local Pastor!  We pray God's blessings on your ministry and journey.  You are now a member of The Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members and we welcome you.  If we can ever assist you, please let us know. You can contact us here.         

Blessings, Sue Anne Morris, Chair. 

Annual Conference Meeting

Our annual meeting is held during Annual Conference at Lake Junaluska each year.

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As you know Annual Conference will be here soon and I do look forward to seeing you at Lake Junaluska. I am also looking forward to the great worship and a time to reconnect with co-workers for Jesus Christ. Our time together will be condensed this year, but I am assured the Holy Spirit can do great things just the same.

This year there will be Constitutional Amendments presented for vote at Annual Conference during the business session. Each time Constitutional... Amendments are presented, there is a need to clarify those who are eligible to vote on those matters. My desire is to offer information ahead of time on the rules for voting in order to ward off any confusion later.

You will remember that in order to be ratified, a constitutional amendment first requires a two-thirds majority vote at General Conference. Then, it must win a two-thirds majority of the total voters at annual conferences. Central Conferences are included in the voting process. It is a Yes-No vote (discussion but no alterations allowed) and the votes are counted cumulatively by amendment, not by annual conference.

Those eligible to vote include: all Lay Members from Local Churches, Lay Members by Virtue of Office (UMM president, UMW president, etc.), Equalization Members (district-at-large members), Western North Carolina Annual Conference clergy in full connection (both elders and deacons, active and retired) Those not eligible to vote on Constitutional Amendments are clergy who are: Provisional Members, Associate Members' Licensed Local Pastors, Supply Pastors, Members of another Annual Conference, Ministers in other Denominations, and Honorable Location.

My prayer is that you will find this information helpful in preparing for Annual Conference.


Sue Anne Morris

Fellowship of Local Pastors

and Associate Members Chair